The web-based Target Media Directory provides accurate and up-to-date information about the media in South Africa.

Media LandscapeAn overview of the media in South Africa, which includes full details of print publications, broadcast stations, and online media. This consists of profiles, demographics, ad rates and the most recent SAARF’s LSM; AMPS; and ABC figures.
ContactsThe contact details for thousands of people working in the media industry in South Africa are available to you. These include current editors, publishers, distributors, advertising sales and more.
Powerful SearchingSearch for media using titles, keywords, contributors or demographic information.
NotesAdd notes to media titles and contacts, so you can easily keep track of all your interactions.
Media listsCreate accurate media lists for campaigns or media announcements in seconds. Simply search for and add selected media to your lists. All listed contact details will be available to you.

The user-friendly Target Media Directory gives you access to extensive and accurate information for successful media planning.

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  • 15, 000+ editors, publishers, sales managers, etc. linked to print publications
  • 1, 000+ sales, advertising, programme managers, etc. working at stations
  • 2, 700+ editors, webmasters, owners, etc. of websites
  • 1, 250+ producers, presenters, advertising managers etc. of programmes

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The contact details available are those provided by publishers. Additional contacts required, that are not in the directory, are to be sourced at the users discretion.