The blogger behind Araba uses her micro-influencer status to empower African women

The blogger behind Araba uses her micro-influencer status to empower African women

Micro influencers are people who have the potential to provide additional value to their audience – readers, followers, users, etc – in the form of meaningful content. They have developed an authentic voice within their communities where their reach is typically smaller – but more engaging – than macro-influencers. Therefore, it is no surprise that bloggers – who write about niche topics – are considered micro-influencers.

Target Media Directory spoke to Jumoke Adekanye, the founder of Araba, about how blogging has positioned her as a micro-influencer.

Araba is an ‘all things women’ blog that aims to inspire, empower and educate African women in Nigeria. In 2016 the blog was recognised for its work in women and girls’ empowerment at the African Blogger Awards.

Where did the initial inspiration for Araba come from?

Every single day, women deal with the demands of family, home, work, business, school and life.

As a young African woman and female entrepreneur, I felt the need to make an impact in my community. I could do this by empowering other young women with information so that they can make the best choices in their daily life.

I started Araba in 2016 as a resource for female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – a place to get all the information they needed to build a business and thrive in their careers.

Fast forward to 2018, the blog has evolved to become an online news platform for African women – by African women.

What does the power to influence people mean to you as a writer for Araba?

Being influential means hundreds of people will be impacted by my words – inspiring young African women [to] become the best version of themselves.

This is why I created Araba – I want to impact readers by expanding the scope of excellence in their lives. It is for the elegantly confident African woman willing to take the plunge and thrive in every facet of her life.

Araba does this by arming them with information and a platform to express their true self.

Does knowing who you influence impact the kind of content Araba posts?

Araba focusses on posting content that ‘guides’ [women] through their daily lives.

The target audience is young African women; this was something [that was] decided on from day one. This means selecting topics that women have an interest in.

The focus is on key areas of content, which include entrepreneurship, careers, education, women’s representation in politics, beauty and fashion, relationships, food, health and the environment.

Content is a mixture of created and curated information written mostly by women for women, from a woman’s perspective.

Why do you think it's important for your blog to develop a relationship with its community of readers?

Araba’s readers will always come back because they trust our voice to guide them. I want readers to see Araba as a trusted friend that always seeks answers to life’s questions.

Helping people to be better and successful in all areas of their lives is the only true impact Araba seeks. Even if it is only 10 people that can say “I made a better decision because I learnt this from Araba,” that is enough.

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