Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the media information provided relevant and up to date? Yes, it is reviewed and updated on a daily basis.

Is it possible to view the topics covered by the media? Yes, all the media listed in the directory is categorised according to the topics they cover. The Media Content Profile is unique to Target Media Directory and highlights the engagement opportunities and different markets that can be reached through each publication, broadcast station or website.

Am I able to refine my search criteria to conduct a more in-depth search? Yes, the advanced search feature lets you refine your search by keyword, media type, language, media content, country or region.

What is a media overview? The media overview is a PDF document that provides details of the media source you have selected. It includes a short description of the publication, broadcast station or online media title as well as its media content profile.

Can I create a media list for a specific PR campaign? Yes, you can create unlimited, targeted media lists for your press announcements and PR campaigns. The lists are saved on the platform and can be continuously updated.

Can I create a contact group to send my press release to? Yes, you can create a contact group from your media lists. You can send information, such as press releases, to your entire contact group directly from Target Media Directory.

Am I able to add contacts from my Outlook address book to Target Media Directory? Yes, you can import all your contacts directly from Outlook.

Can I add attachments to the emails sent from Target Media Directory? Yes, if you have the press distributor feature enabled you can include press releases, images, videos, links and other attachments.

Does Target Media Directory provide contact details for journalists? Unfortunately, we don’t. But, we do provide contact details for editors, publishers, distributors and advertisers.