Three reasons why it’s important for PR pros to have a media database

Three reasons why it’s important for PR pros to have a media database

An online media database is a great solution for public relations professionals to have, simply because it is constantly updated with different publications’ details. This allows them to contact the right media for press releases that need to be published, making their lives a whole lot easier!

Here are three reasons why every PR pro should subscribe to an online media database:

1. You can have all your contacts in one place

As a PR professional, you understand that time-sensitive content needs to reach the correct people at the correct time. If you struggle to find the right contact details, it will affect your press releases immensely because you run the possibility of not getting it published on time — or at all.

Having a neat and up-to-date online media directory will ensure that you have all the correct information for the different people you need to contact.

All your contacts are in one place and are regularly updated by the company that provides you with this solution (and who doesn’t want that?). This means you will not have to update it manually or get worried that you will get stuck with old contact details.

2. Create various PR lists for specific campaigns

If you’re running multiple campaigns for various clients at the same time, it can be very tricky to keep track of who needs to receive what information, on what day and at what time. Trying to remind yourself and scribble your plans in a diary isn’t always the most effective way to go, but a good media directory will simplify the process.

For example, Target Media Directory allows you to build your own media lists by searching for media by keyword, type, language, topics, country or region. Once you’ve created your targeted list for each campaign, you can add notes to each of your contacts to easily keep track of your interactions, ensuring you always know where you are with each media person.

3. Identify the media that you should target

The media industry is immensely large with different industry specialists and a lot of different platforms. A good online media database will be able to provide you with the contact details of various industry specialists, as well as information about the reach, audience, circulation, ad rates and industries covered by each publication, broadcast station, blog or website.

This means that if you need to contact editors, publishers, distributors and advertisers, you will find their details stored neatly in the database. The same goes for newspapers, magazines and radio stations. It is also important to note that your online media database should consist of both local and international contacts to make sure you can reach the correct people.
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